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Welcome to the Isle of Man Special Constabulary

Chief Constable Mike Langdon QPMThe Isle of Man Constabulary is in the business of Community Safety. The safer the community feels, then the better we are doing our job. To achieve this, it is essential that the Force works closely with the community. We are currently endeavouring to establish meaningful partnerships with public, private and voluntary sector bodies right across the Island.

The best community partnership we have, however, is so obvious that it would be easy to overlook it: the Special Constabulary. Here we have an outstanding commitment from a group of over 50 people who truly represent the community and who are clearly keen to do their bit for community safety. The Force welcomes the work of the Special Constabulary, the members of which each give dedicated service.

Policing is a complex business and all manner of skills and abilities are required. Special Constables possess many of the requisite skills and abilities. Their contribution to the work of the Force is vital. Without them we could not hope to achieve the current feelings of public safety where, according to the 2000 Public Perception Survey, 96% of people feel that the Isle of Man is a safe place. By working closely with the Special Constabulary the Force intends to maintain this feeling of well-being.

Mike Langdon QPM - Chief Constable

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